September 2021: Julia Kiryanova & Gabriel Buttigieg

The duo residency with Julia Kiryanova and Gabriel Buttigieg ran from 06/09/21 until 19/09/21.
Open studio & preview 18/09/21
Pop-up exhibition 19/09/21

View the Pop-Up Exhibition:

Of Venus, Cupid, and the Search for Beauty (after Bronzio) – Gabriel Buttigieg 2021
Allegory of Love and Wisdom (and The Triumph of Flora) At Clovermill – Gabriel Buttigieg 2021
The Enlightenment of Cupid (and Satyr) at Clovermill – Gabriel Buttigieg 2021
Jennifer, Rens and the Kids at Clovermill (after Tintoretto) – Gabriel Buttigieg 2021
On an Adventure – Julia Kiryanova 2021

“Being a “city” artist living and working in the heart of Amsterdam it has been a very interesting contrast to swap a busy city life for a very peaceful, tranquil environment. I am very grateful to Jennifer for this opportunity and to work together with Gabriel.”

Julia Kiryanova

“The surrounding countryside lifts the spirit and has helped me focus on a fresh series of work, cut off from the din of the outside world. The fact that there is no pressure and that I can be in my own space has given me the freedom to experiment, focusing on drawing, line work and a diverse palette.”

Gabriel Buttigieg

“The residency was essential in that, in itself, it was meant to be a space where I could experiment with drawing and painting, focusing on the feminine, removed from daily distractions. The still and solitary context was essential in providing me with a forum to conclude a number of important projects, preliminary works to the exhibition. Moreover, I could conduct the necessary historical, artistic, and theoretical research, which will act as the foundation stones for the forthcoming exhibition. Finally, I could initiate international contacts, which are so crucial to growth.”

Gabriel Buttigieg

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