June 2023: Lizzie Henson & Julie-Ann Simpson

(image of Julie-Ann by Valeria Nuyanzina)

Clovermill Artist Residency in collaboration with The Rafiki Gallery & Brushes with Greatness presents:
Duo residency with: Lizzie Henson & Julie-Ann Simpson

Lizzie (b.1999) is a UK artist who has just finished her final year studying at Edinburgh College of Art in BA(Hons) Painting. She has been awarded the Helen A Rose Bequest by ECA as well as nominated for the New Blood Art Emerging Art Prize 2023. 

Through materiality, the physicality of colour, and line, Lizzie creates works with a sense of motion and presence. Juxtapositions in weight and pace provide the viewer with tactile and sensory pieces with an impact. Lizzie’s work confronts the viewer with intangible spaces that make you question not who you are but where you are. Practicing intuition creates pieces that cannot be replicated and requires playing with the known and the unknown. The fluid nature of Lizzie’s practice means she is not working towards a resolution but capturing movement through the tensions within her work.

(picture by Rob Grunn)

Glasgow-based artist Julie-Ann Simpson (b. 1992) graduated from Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen, in 2014. Simpson’s work looks at the interrelation between ourselves and the natural world, which she brings together with themes of ritual, memory, longing and pleasure. Her paintings are characterised by their bold use of vivid colour and simplified organic forms. Her recent paintings and drawings are influenced by folklore, found stories and collected imagery which, through play and an intuitive response to material, combine to form a personal visual mythology.

Lizzie Henson and Julie-Ann Simpson at the CloverMill Artist Residency

Lizzie Henson

Julie-Ann Simpson
Julie-Ann Simpson

Julie-Ann Simpson, Jennifer Smith, Lizzie Henson