September 2022: Chantal Powell & Rhiannon Salisbury

September 2022
Duo Residency At CloverMill
Chantal Powell & Rhiannon Salisbury

Chantal Powell is a UK artist living and working in West Dorset. She has a PhD in social psychology and continues independent studies in Jungian depth Psychology and inner alchemy as part of her artistic practice.
She has exhibited internationally and was shortlisted for the Mark Tanner Sculpture Award in 2005. Chantal is the founder of Hogchester Arts residency in West Dorset and also the Jungian online book club and speaker program The Red Book Club. She presents illustrated talks and workshops on psychological alchemy from an artist’s perspective and hosts courses with key educators in the field of Jungian psychology. She has co-curated exhibitions at Arusha Gallery in Bruton, The LightBox Museum in Woking, and Hogchester Arts in West Dorset. 

Rhiannon Salisbury lives and works in London. She graduated from the Turps Banana Studio Painting Program in 2018 where she received the DarbyshirePrize For Emerging Art, having previously completed her MA in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art (2016) being awarded The John Hoyland Scholarship. Recent exhibitions and projects include: ‘Chthonia’ at Arusha Gallery (2022), ‘ShowStopper’ (group Exhibition) at Saatchi Gallery w. Delphian Gallery (2022), ‘femininity’ (Solo 2021) and Habitual Submissions’ (Solo 2020) at Delphian Gallery (London, 2021 & 2019), Darbyshire Prize For Emerging Artists (Solo 2019) at Darbyshire Ltd w. Turps Banana (London, 2018), Accessorise With A Tiger (Solo Exhibition) at Arusha Gallery (Edinburgh, 2018), Synthesis (Group Exhibition) at Saatchi Gallery w. Delphian Gallery (2022), Global Song with Tanng Contemporary in Hong Kong (2022), Antisocial Isilation (Group Exhibition) at Saatchi Gallery w. Delphian Gallery (2021), Ancient Deities (curator) at Arusha Gallery (Edinburgh, 2020), Small is Beautiful XXXVII (Group Exhibition) at Flowers Gallery.

Chantal Powell & Rhiannon Salisbury at Clovermill Artist Residency
Work by Rhiannon Salisbury

Work by Chantal Powell
Chantal Powell